Kerri Hobba

Kerri Hobba is an Australian born, self-taught fine artist, presently residing in Queensland.  Her love of animals has led her into a commissioned career of realistic animal portraiture.  In her alternate world, she also enjoys subversive humour, trashy pop culture, gore and misery, so long as it is not her own.  Her bespoke series of Sad Girls, Skulls and Disney Nightmares have found homes in private collections around the globe.  She is currently working on an illustrative new series, Insectorium Imagineerings.

2009-202   Private Collections – Australia, United States, Sweden, Dubai, Iceland, New Zealand, United Kingdom

2011  Solo Show, Metro Arts, Brisbane

2012  Fairytales & Fables, ArtBoy Gallery, Melbourne

2012  Horror Group Show, ArtBoy Gallery, Melbourne

2013  Spare Parts Prosthetic Leg Art Show, Powerhouse, Brisbane

2013  Viva La Femme, Lust For Life Gallery, Brisbane

2014  Dead Scary Show, Lust for Life Gallery, Brisbane

2014  My Feminine Muse, LoveLove Studio, Brisbane

2015  Viva La Femme, Lust For Life Gallery, Brisbane

2015  Bury Your Dead, Lust for Life Gallery, Brisbane

2015  Art Ascent, Violet, Oct Ed

2016  Petite Pieces, Aspire Gallery, Paddington

2016  Postcard Co-Lab, Chantel Schott Gallery

2016 Cat Art Show Part 2, ThinkTank Gallery, Los Angeles

2016  The Wild, Off The Kerb Gallery, Melbourne

2017 Finalist Lethbridge Gallery Small Scale Art Prize, Brisbane
2017 Anniversary Hot Rod Roundup Show – Slushbox Gallery, Florida
2017 Royal Brisbane Art Exhibition
2018 Fun Show, Barret Art Centre, New York
2019 Mini Masterpieces, Revolution Gallery, New York

2019  Dark Art Emporium

2019  Coaster Show, Gallery 30South, Pasadena

2019  Ill Tiding We Bring, Dusk Art Collective

2019 Animalia, Off the Kerb Gallery, Melbourne

2019 Dogstar Fashion Label collaboration

2020  Anniversary Show, Revolution Gallery, New York

2020  Mini Masterpieces, Revolution Gallery, New York

2021 Private Commissions (hello covid, you cheeky little minx)