Death Sucks/Kardashians

It’s always bittersweet to draw/paint a beloved pooch that has crossed that dreaded ‘rainbow’ bridge. Never gets any easier, always heartbreaking, and just freaking sucks, quite frankly. I was raised with dogs (and humans, for I am no jungle girl), so know exactly the sadness that goes with the passing of a furby. My first remembered dog was a cattle dog, by the name of Pickles Onion Hobba (my dad is totally awesome at naming dogs. It’s a genetic gift – my current baby is a bull terrier, “The Fabulous Miss Sugar Plum, and she is fucking fabulous 🙂 ). He was totally unsuitable for a small suburban backyard (Pickles Onion, not my dad), was not neutered (the dog, again…snigger) and so constantly was rooting everything in sight -forgive the fruity language- usually my sister or myself. Nonetheless, we adored him. He was soon joined by a Long-haired miniature Dachshund (Schnapps Von Hobba), and then an Afghan Hound (Haji Baba Hobba). Sadly,  Haji didn’t last long, and was rapidly replaced with a chocolate Afghan (Seal…clearly not named by us, way too normal,  that was his Pedigree Name, Very Important Apparently). So quite the bizarre mixture, but it worked well, and they lived long and happy lives.  However, when they died, it was awful, and involved lots of red snotty tearful faces and lifelong trauma. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, because they deserved every tear and every moment of sadness. It’s the least we can do. So when you ask me to paint your adored pet, I have developed coping strategies over the years.  I have glass or two of bubbles and watch the Kardashians to cheer me up. Long story short –  you  are responsible for the Kardashians 🙂