Graphite Sketches  (A4) – $250

Acrylics Paintings – Prices begin at $400 for a traditional painting of just the pooches head.

If you want the bells and whistles, it will cost  $650 – due to the extra time involved.



Graphite pencils on Canson Paper.

Acrylic paint on canvas paper. So bear in mind that the paintings need to be framed if they are to be hung on walls. This is an additional cost separate from the painting. If you don’t have a framer, I can recommend several.



Graphite sketches are A4 – 210mm x 287 mm.

The size of the painting doesn’t affect the pricing. They are generally on A2 canvas paper (420mm x 594mm) or A3 (297mm x 420mm). Sizing is dependent on the composition of the painting, what would look best and the elements the client would like included.



Once the painting commences, it is approximately 2-3 weeks for the traditional pooches head or approximately 6 weeks for the bells and whistles. Currently my waiting list is 5 months. However, if it’s an emergency (god forbid, dog has passed away- eeek) or for a special occasion (Xmas, birthday, etc), the client will be accommodated as much as possible to meet timing requirements.



Paintings are done using photographs supplied by the client. This can simply mean me  going through facebook photos to select a suitable portrait, or photos sent via mobile phone or email. The iphone takes the best photo due to high resolution and clarity. This means details of eyes, noses etc can easily be seen. If unsure what photos may be suitable, a good rule of thumb is if you are unable to see the eyes in a photo, then neither can I. X-ray vision is not one of my superpowers, although I do have many :). If it’s an historical photo (before iphones were in use….gasp!) I will fake it until I make it.



Won’t happen 🙂 But if it does, and you are unhappy with the finished product, you don’t pay. Progress shots will be shown along the way.   A very rough preliminary sketch before the process begins will be approved by you, but once the painting actually begins, its very difficult to change the course of it. So make sure you are happy with the sketch….I am not precious, so if you don’t like it, just say so.



Because the paintings are on canvas paper, they can be rolled easily into a cylinder tube and posted worldwide. The Graphite sketches are slipped into a cardboard sleeve to ensure they are not damaged, and can also be shipped worldwide.


So that’s it as far as the FAQ’s are concerned. Just a quick note re pricing guides. I am a huge animal lover, clearly, and have always had dogs, cat and horses myself. I know how much we all adore them, and how heartbreaking it is to lose any of our furbies. I would be mortified if someone was unable to afford a painting or sketch of the beloved pooch, so am always open to negotiation and payment plans. I trust that people are telling me the truth, and if not, karma is a bitch 🙂 Also, I shoot killer laser beams from my eyes, just fyi. It’s one of my superpowers.


For all other questions, please use the contact form.